Moving on

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So here I am on pins and needles (feels more like daggers and spears) once again because my yet-to-be-published book CRAZY is making an appearance at yet another acquisition committee.  The first time around my agent wooed a larger, well-known house into "loving" my book onto the acquisition committee, only to leave me dangling indefinitely.  Still dangling I am, while their last word many months ago was "everyone at BLANK HOUSE loves this book."  Go figure.

At my agent's suggestion I have spent the past several months knocking on smaller doors without her representation and have landed once again on the chopping block, er acquisition committee.  This time, along with the full manuscript, they requested a marketing plan and have used words like "interested in publishing.....looking forward to working with you."

Should I be excited or filled with dread?  Should I bask in the fact that someone wants my manuscript (or do they)?  Will this time be any different than last time?

These questions swirled in my head this morning when Augusta Scattergood's blog found its way to me (thanks to my good friend and writing buddy Carol Baldwin.)  The post is titled Celebrate Everything, and in the writer's world, that means even rejections accompanied by a personal note (as opposed to no note at all or a stock phrase:  Doesn't fit our list.)

Thanks, Augusta, for reminding us that every step along the way has value and is worthy of celebration if we just pause to consider how far we have come.

Bring it on, Acquisition Committee #2.  I'm ready for whatever you have to say (but please, could you make it snappy?)


  1. Interesting that your agent suggested YOU submit to smaller house. I don't really get that.

    But I do hope that YOU are successful!

    1. Joyce,

      As I understand it, many smaller houses do not want to work with agents, and that includes some bigger ones like Boyds Mills Press as well. After my agent had submitted to over 30 of the big houses with no takers, she thought I should try some of the smaller ones on my own. She has offered to review any contract offers I get. Thanks for dropping by and the kind words.

  2. Yes. Please make it snappy! I WANT this book to HAPPEN!!