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Sunday, February 6, 2011

YA Books in Verse

I have a very demanding friend who pushes me around a lot.  I mean, some years back she said I ought to get more involved in the writing scene so I ended up helping her out managing the SCBWI critique group here in Charlotte.  (If truth be told, we had a third party who brought us together, but that's another story!) Then, when I dropped out of that so I could spend more time writing poems, she said I really ought to write a novel in verse.  So I did.  Now, she's busy critiquing a manuscript for the Write2ignite conference and she said I really ought to compile a list of novels in verse that she can share with this budding author, and besides, it would fit nicely on my blog.  Some people have a lot of nerve, don't they?  And all I can say is, some people like me would stay stuck in a rut without such dear, genuine friends who are willing to goad them along with loving encouragement and sound suggestions.  You can check out all the cool things my gutsy good friend Carol is up to at

So getting back to the task at hand, here are a few good sites to visit for listings and/or reviews of YA novels in verse.  I know there are others out there, and I will welcome suggestions and additions that anyone has to offer.  A short list of novels in verse with brief summaries, produced by the Austin Public Library Connected Youth project.  The site is worth perusing for the other lists it has compiled, including Picture Books for Teens, and Short and Sweet:  Teen Books Under 150 pages.   Author, motivational speaker, and writing instructor Susan Taylor Brown has compiled a list of 132+ YA books in verse.  This is a list without summaries, but the site is rich in resources for poetry and poets.   Read in a Single Sitting, a book review site dedicated to fun, fast reads offers another short list of YA books in verse with brief summaries.  This site also has a variety of lists for both adults and young adults.


  1. Truth be told, you have done your own fair share of pushing! thanks for the great blog post, and for being such a great friend, love and hugs, your gutsy friend.

  2. Truly the nudges have been priceless, and I can't imagine where I would be without them. Every writer and would-be writer should be so blessed as to have someone caring enough to speak the truth in love! Thanks, Carol.

  3. Yes, very pushy friend. She makes me work all the time whether I want to or not! And that's a good thing.

    Thanks for the lists. I am doing a novel in free verse now and I really need to figure out if there are any "rules"! Or suggestions. Or whatevers to help me out!

  4. Gosh, I didn't know I was THAt pushy! :) These posts make me smile on a day when I'm pushing myself...

  5. Thanks for the link love! I have some YA books in verse to read and review, so hopefully I can update the list soon :)

    (Stephanie @

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